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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Gateway for primary school. Any good? in Technical; ...
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    Ignoring the first half of the quote, namely "additional free support from Capita", is a little remiss!
    To be more specific from the Capita document in the link:
    · Partnership Schools gain direct support from Capita Teams at no charge to the school:
    · The Strategic Partnership Team will help analyse and plan the school’s enhanced approaches to MIS and the use of data.
    · Direct links to the Product Management Team at Capita will enable the school to influence the development of the products, trial new releases and to be informed of developments prior to national release.
    · Enhanced support from Capita’s technical teams.
    It's not about support cases, just support and assistance in general. The program is designed to assist these schools, who are already well established with good systems in place - that's why they are chosen. It also means they already have their own support in place, which many other primaries struggle with. They are going to be helped along (analyse and plan the school's enhanced approaches) if needed, to be shining examples, which is great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting extra support and guidance, it makes sense. I fully support the program. It is these schools that should be used as examples of how best to implement and use the software.

    It doesn't change the fact that a school, lacking in time and resources, wont necessarily gain the same benefit, of what is without doubt a complex piece of software, as a partnership school and certainly wont have the extra advantages that come with that status.

    I don't think @jdoyle intended to denigrate the program, just help the OP, who has stipulated a low resource simple solution, that is only required for parents.

    We're still half way through our SLG implementation, and for ease of use, and a speedy turnaround, if we didn't want the extra benefits of having Sharepoint, we'd be going with MCAS or Insight for parental contact. Speak to @bossman about Insight, he's very happy with it.

    It's a shame that video doesn't really show you the SLG in any detail, all the screenshots appear to be of SIMS.

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    Most primary schools use SLG supplied via their LA which is a very cost effective way of it being delivered. The videos are about the effect of the software not what it looks like - BTW anyone that thinks a school head would say what they have been asked to by a company is not living in the same world as me. Imagine me trying to get Mike saying something he didn't want to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilNeal View Post
    ......BTW anyone that thinks a school head would say what they have been asked to by a company is not living in the same world as me. Imagine me trying to get Mike saying something he didn't want to!
    Nice observation Phil!
    Now that is something I CAN certainly agree with!

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