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MIS Systems Thread, FMS standalone in Technical; Hi Guys I have been asked to install FMS on a laptop as a standalone for someone to train on. ...
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    FMS standalone

    Hi Guys

    I have been asked to install FMS on a laptop as a standalone for someone to train on. I would like a blank database so as they do not have access to school data. The only setups folder I have is on the server but if I install from there it will give me school link. Do I need a disk or can someone please tell me the procedure for doing this.


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    I'm pretty sure we did it in the past by taking the setups from the server and copying them locally. You then have to fiddly around with the files.
    The best thing to do would be to download the installable iso from SupportNet and install it locally that way. It should give you new ccsfms db files.
    I haven't checked but i believe the KB for that is KB111220

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