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MIS Systems Thread, Windows 7 clients having problems updating to 7.140 in Technical; any solutions on this as yet guys?...
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    any solutions on this as yet guys?

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    Try changing who maps the S drive. It makes a difference, on windows 7 to do with the elevation. So if you run update with 'runas admin' option, it might not be able to see the S drive if that was mapped as the user.

    There was another thread a while back that mentioned it, similar to the linked thread above.

    See if you can script it, by mapping the drive as admin, then running as admin.

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    I am about to roll out Win7 and do not really want to give admin rights to staff. My plan is to install an RDP server and remote app out SIMS to the desktop, then I only ever need to update one client.

    Fingers crossed

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