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MIS Systems Thread, Sims.Net Exam results patch in Technical; Morning, Sorry if this has already been posted but could not find it. Had this email through late yesterday afternoon, ...
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    Sims.Net Exam results patch

    Morning, Sorry if this has already been posted but could not find it. Had this email through late yesterday afternoon, regarding the results thought it may be of use! (nothing like last minute.com)

    There are examination related issues that secondary schools need to aware of before proceeding with results analysis.

    Important Note: None of these issues prevent examination results being downloaded and entered into your SIMS database.

    It is recommended that schools should take the Summer Release, SIMS 7.140. However, all SIMS workstations must be running Microsoft .NET 4 Framework. Workstations without .NET 4 will no longer be able to run SIMS until they have this version installed.

    For schools on the Summer Release, SIMS 7.140, an additional patch 16067 has been made available on SOLUS 2 & 3. This patch resolves the following:

    • An issue was found where the columns on the ‘Subject/Grade Analysis’ report were repeating twice.
    • The PI tables contained an issue where Grades ‘U’ and ‘X’ were counted twice for GCSE Double Awards

    Schools that have already taken the Summer Release will need to use SOLUS to take patch 16067. Schools that take the Summer Release from now on using SOLUS 2 will take the patch as part of the upgrade process.
    The patch is available in SOLUS 3 as a separate download.

    For schools on the Spring Release, SIMS 7.138 and have circumstances where that they cannot upgrade to the Summer Release, patch 16068 can be made available on request from our service desk. This patch resolves the issues above and two additional ones addressed in the summer upgrade, namely:
    • The ‘Subject/Grade Analysis’ report and ‘Group Performance Analysis’ report do not currently support double grades as they are linked to the incorrect Gradeset for GCSE Double Awards. The patch will update the Gradeset from JC F to JC15 to support this.
    • The ‘Group Performance Analysis’ report contained an issue where Grades ‘U’ and ‘X’ were counted twice for GCSE Double Awards.
    Subject/Grade Analysis reporting
    It is recommended that ‘All’ is not chosen from the ‘Level’ option when printing the ‘Subject/Grade Analysis’ report. As an alternative, use should be made of ‘Individual Levels’. If ‘All levels’ are required to be analysed then use the export button to enable you to perform your analysis using software such as Excel.

    To clarify the situation regarding the analysis of BTEC results:

    • It was initially thought that a patch 16021 would be required to adjust the BTEC grade set point scores. This is not the case.
    • When schools have received and processed a BTEC results file or entered results manually, PI should be used to gather the results. The calculations undertaken by PI takes into account the different BTEC levels and give an accurate analysis of point scores.
    • Be aware that if either Assessment Manager or the Performance Analysis modules are used to calculate BTEC point scores, there may be an issue with the underlying values in the grade set depending on the level being analysed. Further advice and clarification on this issue can be offered by our support desk.
    • Schools that applied the original patch need take no further action.
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    This has been well documented on SupportNet.
    I would advise everybody connected with exams to follow the Notices and Forums on SupportNet.
    The same can be said of all aspects of SIMS! (And that is not decrying the support that is often given here!)

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