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MIS Systems Thread, Online Reporting / Parental Engagement in Technical; Originally Posted by vikpaw If they used SIF or a standard API it should be independent of changes to the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikpaw View Post
    If they used SIF or a standard API it should be independent of changes to the db!
    The schoolsict ZiLink parent reporting module for Moodle is SIF based

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    I am coming to this thread from an independent school perspective - we know that all our parents, guardians etc have internet access. The release of info online has been widely supported by parents etc. It's save a shedload of effort on reports and so on; we've presented policies online to fit in with compliance while not making them open to the public. As yet we are both sending out paper copies and e-copies, although we are now meeting some market resistance where parents are refusing paper copies on environmental grounds. My forecast is that it'll be electronic only in 12 or at most 24 months. Where we have families abroad or on the move, online is better by far. Now we don't use SIMS and our system is pretty cost-efficient (SchoolBase) for online services - not sure how the finances work out for SIMS. But of you can avoid the cost of paper, copying/printing, envelopes and postage that's a huge saving (and the time and temper saved in not stuffing zillions of envelopes must be worth a lot too).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Power View Post
    A very good topic of conversation.

    We purchased SLG firstly for staff to gain access to reports offsite and complete them - with a view to offer the online reports and attendance data to parents as and when we felt ready.
    However with only 50 staff actually using SLG and no access for parents I too am asking the same questions to our SMT.

    With other means of remote access to the school systems currently being put in place it could make SLG dead in the water if we are not going to offer the facility to parents.
    And don't forget the most important people - the pupils themselves.....................!
    Why would a school purchase it and then not use it for Parents and Pupils?

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