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MIS Systems Thread, Sims and Firewalls in Technical; Hi, I have a weird issue with Solus and Sims. It started out a few weeks ago when I couldn't ...
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    Sims and Firewalls


    I have a weird issue with Solus and Sims. It started out a few weeks ago when I couldn't use Solus on some machines saying the ports weren't open, after a remote session it was found that the firewall was blocking the connection.... even though the firewall wasn't on repeatadly.. ( I was testing it by switching it on and off) but it never worked. I enabled the firewall.. added the ports required and it started working so I thought it was a fault on that machine.

    Problem is that its happening on the server too, Solus 3 won't deploy the new updates (its done previous ones correctly) and looking at the logs it saying that the ports are blocked... but the firewall is disabled and everything else works... when I enable the firewall Sims stops working (I haven't opened Sims up properly yet)

    One one computer I could forsee a problem but on the server too????

    Anyone else seen this?

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    Can you get SOLUS to work if you enable the firewall? Then surely you just need to open up the ports for SIMS. Or just create a rule for the sqlbrowser.exe (i think that's the one) i had some issues finding the right file to allow through when i did my setup in April.
    It was easier to use the browser agent, and then it manages the SIMS dynamically rather than have to specify ports. It's in a thread somewhere here.
    I don't know if that helps at all..

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