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MIS Systems Thread, Calculating Residuals in AM7 in Technical; Hi All, I am planning on setting up templates to calculate residuals when the results come out in August, I'm ...
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    Calculating Residuals in AM7

    Hi All,

    I am planning on setting up templates to calculate residuals when the results come out in August, I'm using last year's data to have a play.

    I've done RESULT - APS in one review column then another to divide by 6 to get the residual. However, when the result of the review column is negative, dividing it by 6 then puts it back to positive which is obviously a problem. Same thing occurs for Value Added.

    Is there a way round this? I don't want to go back to Excel as we have done in previous years. Ideas/suggestions welcome!!


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    How do you get a -ve value for APS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banjo View Post
    How do you get a -ve value for APS?
    That's what i was wondering.

    Maybe the result is really a Value Added score or some measure of deviation from predictions...?
    Is APS best 6 or 8 or am i just thinking about something else?

    I just did a trial on a marks-integer aspect and dividing a negative number by a positive constant i.e. 6 doesn't make the answer positive, which is what i'd expect. The only way i'm thinking that could happen is if it's a grade aspect where the lower grades have negative scores associated with them.

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