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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Auto Log Off feature in Technical; Was wondering if there is an auto log off feature for Sims if its left idle for a while (doubt ...
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    Sims Auto Log Off feature

    Was wondering if there is an auto log off feature for Sims if its left idle for a while (doubt there is) or anything out there that does this job. Dont want teachers forgetting to log out and putting data at risk.

    Thought about making windows lock itself but thats not ideal becuase depending on the timing it will start doing it when videos are playing etc.

    Any ideas would be great otherwise i might have to program something myself .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chunks_ View Post
    Any ideas would be great
    This is one of the advantages of running SIMS via Terminal Services - you can simply set the screen-saver on the TS sessions to come on after 3 minutes, completly imdependant of what's going on on the teacher's classroom machine. It also means you can do away with the need to have a separate password for a user's SIMS account - you just have SIMS automatically start when the user logs on to a TS session, with the SIMS account trusting the Windows account. If you use application publishing client-side, from the user's point of view they simply click on the "SIMS" shorcut, type their normal username and password and SIMS will load up.

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    You can also use trusted mode without going to TS.

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    Screensaver lock is probably the best bet. They will have to put up with the inconvenience, though if you can set it to half the length of a period, that could be useful, but it's always a difficult one.

    The problem with programming it to close is you need to know if they are using it first, as you dont want to kill the process while they just nip to a marksheet to update some grades. So you'd need to be checking to see if it's idle.

    Maybe you can do something at the server side to disconnect an idle connect, but it's still harsh on the end user if they don't get notification.

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