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MIS Systems Thread, Running an addional sims.net database for testing. in Technical; Create a folder in c:\sims called other put the connect-test.ini in it, rename it to connect.ini then try running: "C:\Program ...
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    Create a folder in c:\sims called other put the connect-test.ini in it, rename it to connect.ini then try running:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS\SIMS .net\Pulsar.exe" /CONNECT:"C:\SIMS\OTHER"

  2. Thanks to matt40k from:

    dblight (11th January 2012)

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    Worked a treat! Thank you!!

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    I run several DBs. However I switch between the live one, and a local SIMS Server on my workstation. The local Server on my workstation runs a copy of the live, plus Waters Edge and Green Abbey. Because it's a different server, it can run a different version of SIMS. It just meant I installed an extra copy of SIMS in a different Program Files folder, and also have short scripts to swap the SIMS.ini files over. I also have one of the ICT suites modified to connect to either the live DB, or one of the ones on my workstation. This makes it really useful for training purposes.

    If you run a Trusted login system (as we do), and you're copying your live DB, make sure you've already got an account set up in SIMS that's not trusted!

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    I have just been kitted out with a test laptop on which I can run test versions of SIMS. It currently has a copy of our current SIMS with the InTouch demo applied on top, because I am evaluating the added value of this, as opposed to our current communications service!
    Shortly, a second version of SIMS will be added so that I can run the Beta version of the Spring Release.
    My advice from Capit UAT is to run each different copy in VM mode, which my Technical expert is currently setting up for me. Then I'll be able to switch between the various versions of SIMS.
    There is no connection at all to our live SIMS Network!
    The laptop is Windows7 and Office10 - which currently do not use. Hence the need for testing, as I want to avoid the problems that some have had when moving to these.

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