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MIS Systems Thread, sims.net backup in Technical; Hi we have now been asked to run patches upgrades and backup of sims.net. Could I go on a course ...
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    sims.net backup

    Hi we have now been asked to run patches upgrades and backup of sims.net. Could I go on a course to do this or any website links etc?


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    Run patch via dbupgrade

    There is a thread here that describes backup processes, but that's too much detail for what you need, though may be of general interest if you are taking on these extra responsibilities: Sims Backup

    You will need some high level access to carry out these tasks.

    Firstly make sure you have a decent backup, so you need access to system manager - Focus | System. From there you can go to the Tools menu, check on the backup path, and then create a backup. This can be done when users are on the system, but i prefer to have everyone off, which you'll need for the next steps anyway.

    Capita's SupportNet website has instructions on running a patch, KB article #92874 - though your support team / Capita should really have sent you instructions if they are expecting you to do this.

    The patch will come via a Solus download (if you've not used solus before, you really should call your local support for help on this) or via email.

    If you are doing these sorts of tasks now, you should have access to the SupportNet site, if you don't request access asap. SupportNet

    The content of the KB is below, but i strongly suggest you access SupportNet and seek advice from your support team, if you going to be doing all your own stuff, especially upgrades which can be painful.

    KB92874 - How to run a patch through DBupgrade

    Created 27/10/2009Last Updated 20/01/2011

    Affected Products SIMS .net System Maintenance & Utilities

    How to apply a patch using DBupgrade.exe

    How to run DBupgrade.exe

    Additional Notes
    SIMS.net patches can now be applied through DBupgrade.

    These patches will be of the format '3.61.001 to 3.61.999 9999 Patch.ZIP'.

    1. Extract the patches to e.g Desktop. There should be 2 files e.g '3.61.000 to 3.61.132 2993 Patch.ZIP' and '3.61.000 to 3.61.132 2993 Patch.ZIP.signature'

    2. Run DBupgrade.
    This is located in C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS .net\DBupgrade.exe (on workstation)
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn\DBupgrade.exe (on SIMS SQL server)

    3. Select 'Run the following SIMS database upgrade file' and path to the location of the patch file (zip).

    4. Login with Sims username and password and click LOGIN. If advised to run the patch as the SA user please specify SA as the SIMS Username and enter your SA password

    5. Patch should now show, click install.
    Please, if in doubt, call your support team or at least come here and check with someone first.

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    Other than what Vik has said, which is absolutely spot on, make sure you have a good backup before running any patch on the DB (I know it does a backup during the patching routine, but this can fail).

    Regular backups of the SIMS (and FMS) DB are vital. Some establishments (mine included) backup the DB more than once a day. SIMS is very good from a data-integrity point of view, but it can go wrong (not to mention what staff can achieve!).

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