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MIS Systems Thread, Preventing IE From Storing Passwords for ePortal in Technical; Morning all, I've had a google about and a look through here, and spent a while staring at GPOs, but ...
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    Preventing IE From Storing Passwords for ePortal

    Morning all,

    I've had a google about and a look through here, and spent a while staring at GPOs, but I can't spot an answer to what I'm looking for - which, I'm hoping, is dead straightforward and has been done by someone else in the past, but which (more likely) just can't be done.

    We have a problem here of staff getting IE to remember their ePortal passwords, thus rendering the whole purpose of a password-protected system pointless, as any child could walk up to an unattended staff PC and be able to login to ePortal and browse all that lovely confidential data. Of course, in an ideal world no computer would ever be left unlocked, but we all know how well that works out don't we?

    Obviously, then, I want to stop the ePortal passwords being remembered, but the only setting I've found so far that would do anything would just turn off saved passwords altogether, which would probably result in a minor revolt. If I could just turn it off for the Intranet zone, that would be fine, but it appears to be a seperate piece of IE code that deals with security zones and privacy settings.

    We're running IE8 on XP SP3 with 2003 at the back end. It's not the end of the world (yet) but if anyone has the answer to hand, please share!

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    Its poor practice for storing any passwords, and our LA say in there policies and stuff (which we religiously adopt) to not allow it at all, so its turned off by GPO. Yes its annoying, but remember how much other online stuff schools use now such as Fisher Family Trust, RAISEOnline, Government Websites such as S2S, School E-mail, Staff's personal webmail, Facebook, Twitter etc all of which could be open to abuse and damage should they be accessed by a student so I would turn it off full stop and then the risk is removed.

    They soon get used to not having that feature I know as it was a bit of oooh it won't store it but everyone's got used to it now

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    I have to say I agree with John. Try and work it into your AUP and then implement it- they won't have a choice then.
    Or maybe send out a friendly notice suggesting it can be used for personal things but not related to the school. If it is found used for something inapropriate such as (insert list of none exhaustive examples) then the feature will be removed completely.
    You only need to see it once, then turn it off.

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