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MIS Systems Thread, Moving SIMS to new domain in Technical; During the summer we will be moving from CC3 -> CC4. A fresh install means a new domain so am ...
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    Moving SIMS to new domain

    During the summer we will be moving from CC3 -> CC4. A fresh install means a new domain so am wondering what to do with the SIMS server.

    Currently its a member server so I am thinking that I can remove it from the domain and add it as a member server to the new domain.

    I have been advised by the LA SIMS support team that it might not be as straight forward as that and it would be better to start again with the server?

    Is this right as that seems very drastic to me.

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    SQL doesn't like it. It's possible, just a pain. Are you using Windows Authentication for SIMS?

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    Planning similar for the summer as well. My thinking was to take a database backup on the old server and then install SQL onto the new server and restore/dbattach the backed up database onto the new server. Or is it not that simple?

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    Can't remember having any major issues with ours, just took it off the domain and put it on the new one. The sims.ini or connect.ini may reference full dns names here or there but they're pretty easy to sort out.


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