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MIS Systems Thread, Virtualise SIMS in Technical; I have a PE 2900 2 x QUAD Core 2.0GHZ E5335 processor with 4GB RAM (about 4 years old) If ...
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    Virtualise SIMS

    I have a PE 2900 2 x QUAD Core 2.0GHZ E5335 processor with 4GB RAM (about 4 years old)

    If I move to Server 2008 R2 and chuck 16GB RAM in will it good enough to virtualise SIMS?

    Would also have virtual DC on same physical machine.

    If I virtualise will Capita support it? Also have SLG (hosted by capita) and will be getting SIMS InTouch. Will virtualising cause a problem for these?

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    virtualizing shouldn't make a blind bit of difference - as far as the actual server knows its still a normal machine - it just uses drivers for virtual hardware rather then physical hardware.

    as for slg you will need to get capita to dial in and make changes - plus for sims in touch shouldn't make a difference.

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    As Glennda says:
    - That's plenty good to handle SIMS.
    - No problem with DC being there.
    - Capita do have to make changes / reinstall

    There is probably a cost for the Capita work, and i don't think you can avoid it unless your ADP is on a separate box and you know how to tell it where your new SIMS server is, even then, i think there are extra complexities that are installed on the SIMS box, that will need to be reconfigured. Worth contacting them to find out, and plan some downtime.

    You can get things set up in advance and tested without the SLG part though, assuming you'll be changing the server name so they don't conflict. If you do that, then the user Sims share mappings and possibly contents of sims.ini file may need reworking.

    Capita do support virtual servers so no worries there.

    After the next release (March 18th), you can also use SQL 2008 R2, so put that in the plan if not already.

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    Also, don't forget to enable hardware-assisted virtualization support in your BIOS (it's disabled by default), otherwise you will receive a "virtual machine failed to initialize" error message when you go to create or start a VM in Hyper-V.

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