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MIS Systems Thread, Installing SIMS as a server on windows 7 for testing in Technical; I have been asked to create a test SIMS Server for testing purposes so that our data manager can test ...
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    Installing SIMS as a server on windows 7 for testing

    I have been asked to create a test SIMS Server for testing purposes so that our data manager can test a few bits and pieces before doing it on our live system.

    I have got a Windows 7 installation (32 bit) with SQL2008 R2 installed along with my databases from last weeks backup.

    Can someone please give me guidance on what to do next or even better, if someone has got an instruction guide? I have seen it been done a few times but i never took any notes.


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    If you search the forums, there are a number of threads with instructions, links and some guides too. It should all be relevant for a 2008 installation in theory so long as the live server is on 2008 as well. I don't think there are any extra caveats. Although SQL 2008 R2 support doesn't start until mid-march.

    Basically, copy your S: (sims) drive folders to a share on the test 'server'. share it locally as X: or something different for safety. Restrict permissions and all that.
    Run simsinst and choose the option to set it up as a server. Let it go through and do all of it's fancy stuff.

    Use dbattach to attach your backups to the SQL. You may find afterwards that you cannot log in, if you didn't use dbattach to detach them from the live server. There are some sql commands you can try to fix this. Stored procedure available, see this recent thread New Sims Install User Names missing in Master DB

    Install the client using simsinst onto the Win7 box too, and point to the new sims shared drive, so it's a little closed system.

    Once you're in, you need to do some housekeeping. Go to the setups and remove the connection to the docstorage. if you want a test doc storage, copy it locally, and change the folder names to match the new server setup, then tell test server where it is. Sometimes you need to do this manually with the dmconfig tool at command prompt as well.

    I would also, go and delete / disable all extraneous accounts in system manager too, just in case someone manages to come across it.

    I think that's about it. shout back if something goes awry.

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