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MIS Systems Thread, Curriculum Promotion Wizard in Technical; Hi Chunks, another obvious one but as well as all the academic stuff have you also set up the pastoral ...
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    Hi Chunks, another obvious one but as well as all the academic stuff have you also set up the pastoral structure? Can't think of anything else to look at....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chunks_ View Post
    Think i may have been a numpty.... although not of my own doing. Last year i went through the process following the notes but my predecessor must have taken steps before he left so when i followed the notes that year it just worked.... this year however i now realised he must have gone through additional step (only briefly mentioned in notes, not guided through) to get the promotion working properly. Never had to do this before because he had kindly done it for me. Dont want to tell you what it was cos you will all point and laugh

    Thanks for your help peeps
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Don't worry - we have all been there at some point!
    One of my famous sayings here is 'If it don't work then look for the obvious!'
    Amazing how many times it works!

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    For anyone else reading this, KB101698 may be of use, and the resource #12200 . These are the only up to date documents around regarding this, as far as i can tell, as i requested the End of Year documents and was told they wont be available until around May.

    Just a word of warning, read the sticky post in this MIS forum regarding use of database diagnostics as the guide will tell you to run that, and you need to know the pitfalls and patch the server to guard against any unwanted automatic fixes.

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