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MIS Systems Thread, Behaviour Management Module in Technical; Originally Posted by SkywOrca The best advice I could give if you're having problems with tomcat is to run a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkywOrca View Post
    The best advice I could give if you're having problems with tomcat is to run a script to stop and restart the ePortal services overnight - this is even recommended by Serco (iirc).
    I ran this script at my last school (had BM) and I do it here (not running BM yet) and I think it helps. It also means I can alter xml files and then know that the restart at 3 in the morning will apply changes and not disrupt users.

    Serco will often recommend this course of action.

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    I must admit I do agree with the script restarted at stupid o'clock for ePortal, I do that and as others have said its nice to know that changes will be populated in ready for the next day and that it will be all clean, shiny and happy

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the continued input. Skyw0rca, what you say is correct (all of it). Cheers. John too.

    Banjo - You're right in what you say - technically, cmisadmin.exe will only use 4gb of RAM as it's a 32bit app, but the point i'm trying to make (as repeated by skyw0rca) is that isn't relevant - the BM module is a bitlet used by ePortal (web app). cmisadmin.exe is the c++ app.
    As it's running as a shortcut on the client, the app is running on the client not the server (as you suggest). I've seen a few times the workstations (or indeed the network) being the bottleneck with a performance issue with cmisadmin.exe, but in this instance it would not be effected, as we're refering to ePortal.

    P.S - splitting up the services is ok as another method of resolution, but it becomes difficult to support. You have to be very confident of a high spec network between the servers with the services on and confident with splitting these up (as the upgrade process does not cater for this automatically).

    Thanks again all
    Mic @ Serco

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7andY View Post
    Is anyone using the Behaviour Managent Module for Facility/CMIS?

    If you are, can you tell me:

    Does it work successfully?
    Are you using the recommended spec server (including 8GB RAM on a 32-bit system...)?
    Does it slow your system down?
    We are using it and I believe it's reasonably successful (people are logging stuff). Our server spec is Server 2003 with 4Gb RAM but up to last week it was running with only 2GB. The server however is ONLY running ePortal. I think we did have a problem initially with the display of events on the homepage but this has been fixed (although I understand some schools are still having some issues with that?).

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