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MIS Systems Thread, Profiles review mode - has it encouraged tardy teachers wrt prompt report writing? in Technical; We're running a pilot of Profiles to see how it's going. Currently HOY/HOD can review reports as they become ready. ...
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    Profiles review mode - has it encouraged tardy teachers wrt prompt report writing?

    We're running a pilot of Profiles to see how it's going. Currently HOY/HOD can review reports as they become ready. With Profiles, they're waiting for the last teacher to get their posterior in gear.

    How much of an issue was that when you changed over?

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    If you are using Profiles Review then you don't get tardy teachers! The Report writing closes on a definitive date! If there are a few errant staff early on when you start to do this then all you need is a very strong member of the SLT to oversee the Profiles Session and make their presence fealt!
    The only late ones we get now are due to absence - but we know that before we change the Session from Active to Review and so I 'Unapprove' those straight away, so the the member of staff when they return (or somebody else in the dept) can complete these reports during the Review phase. (See the thread on SupportNet)
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    We've had a few grumble about it, but we're now into our second year and they just get on with it. Now onto our 3rd cycle this year and all apart from 1 member of staff for the latest cycle have completed them on time.

    What made me smile the first year we ran profiles was that listening to a couple of members of staff talking about having done their reports but on principle not handing them in until 2 days after the deadline just to make a point - back fired and made me smile when the realisation that this wouldn't work because SIMS already had them dawned.

    The one bit of advice is you pass everything down to the next person in the line, so if it's the HoY who can't review them because several haven't completed them, then they chase them up. It's surprising how much more effective this approach is.

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    We usually run the missing comments report before we move the status to Review mode the day before or lunchtime on deadline day and chase up those staff who haven't bothered to do their reports yet. Seems to work well.

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    Sorry to but in on this thread but we are probably going to move to Sims From facility sometime this year and i'm scouting around to find out whats what. I'm just wondering if there is a way to view the reports in an admin view say before the status is moved to review? Also if you run the missing comments report will this pick up grades attainment etc that are missing as well. I ask as Facility was a pain to do this and we'd end up exporting the data in a list form and importing it in to an external access database just to chase the missing grades etc. up.


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