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MIS Systems Thread, "Path not found" in Technical; Hi, When trying to run any report in SIMS users are getting "path not found". This only started a few ...
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    "Path not found"


    When trying to run any report in SIMS users are getting "path not found". This only started a few days ago (only just reported to me today though ).

    Any ideas?

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    check that the document server is running. Check the paths using dmconfig

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    Check access rights to My Documents\My Sims Documents.

    Sims should be able to write to this and create folders.

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    As per Creese's advice, see extract below from SupportNet KB56674

    Firstly, copy the contents of the temprpt folder from C:\Program Files\SIMS\SIMS .net and paste them into C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\tempSimsRpt

    If this does not work, then see next step:-

    If one User can log in and another User cannot, this is more likely a problem with the network configuration. SIMS .net uses 'My Documents\My SIMS Documents' and expects to have full access to this folder. Logging in as a different user would have different rights and permissions. Very strange behaviour may be achieved by moving My Documents to a network drive and denying some/all access rights.

    Check where the My Documents Folder is and that it can create sub folders under it with documents therein.
    What happened a few days ago? Upgrade of client PCs? Reset/change to profiles or user areas?

    We had some issues when we moved to Windows 7, and recently found that even once reports would run, some would fail, and this was because the appdata folder was corrupt or copied from the old XP profile, and needed recreating. Worth bearing in mind.

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