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MIS Systems Thread, Creating custom RTF reports in Technical; Originally Posted by creese .........with the proviso - I don't necessarily agree with everything he says but............ Shame on you ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by creese View Post
    .........with the proviso - I don't necessarily agree with everything he says but............
    Shame on you ................ !!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivadam View Post
    Shame on you ................ !!!!!
    I'm just

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart_C View Post
    When I create the RTF template and alter the margins (in this report though I have the same problem with columns), create my report then use the "save and close" in the add ins.

    Report runs fine. When I go back into the RTF template to make more changes the margins default back to the original setting.
    Before you reopen the template to edit it, turn off the option "When editing user-defined templates, use Word with macro support field names", it will then open with size etc. settings as saved. If you need to add new fields (without the add-ins now available) just enter the field names in angle brackets.


  4. Thanks to TimH from:

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    cheers Tim, that sort of works for me. I'm using an old rtf report to test, and am using Office 2007. On edit for the first time in ages i'm getting "Error 4605 - command not available", which i've never had before, which appears to be something to do with the Macro, and would you believe page setup. With that checkbox ticked, i get the error and it's reverting back to landscape, US letter etc.

    there is a part in the Macro that sets the page orientation based on the template, and so i would hazard a guess that it wants to revert back to whichever template was used to first create it. This would imply that if the initial template was doctored with the correct page setup, then subsequent changes wouldn't affect it.

    i'm too busy to experiment now, but your trick should help out with quick amendments. cheers

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