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MIS Systems Thread, Taking ownership of reports [Solved] in Technical; Originally Posted by GREED Take a backup of complex reports (ie ones that have complex templates), as SIMS probably still ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GREED View Post
    Take a backup of complex reports (ie ones that have complex templates), as SIMS probably still has the editing templates problem whereby it will over write one template from one report with another, very frustrating!!!

    I took backups of all important reports so they could just be reimported should they go wrong!
    The 'issue' is still there if you continue to edit templates as you/me/we may have always done. Us old timers often forget to check the new Handbooks when they are issued with each release. In this case I believe that following the Handbook instructions implicitly will enable you to edit reports without there being problems (both rtf and mailmerge).

    I concur with the advice re. exporting and saving SIMS Reports however.

    Then again ..............
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    Totally agree Mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
    There is a routine now for deleted old SIMS users private documents.
    Quote Originally Posted by GREED View Post
    Does that include report in the reports setion matt? I honestly don't know but would like to know.

    I know there is the facility to interact with documents uploaded to SIMS that has been there for a bit now.
    It's not the old routine i thought it was, which is for orphaned documents, it's in addition to that. However, it only showed up Private Documents stored by the previous SEN co-ordinator. For the previous report designer it shows nothing.

    So no joy

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