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MIS Systems Thread, AM7 Show formula column in report in Technical; Hi All, This one has me and our sims guru stuck. We are redesigning our reports so that they look ...
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    AM7 Show formula column in report

    Hi All,

    This one has me and our sims guru stuck.

    We are redesigning our reports so that they look nice. One part of this, is a column that tells parents if their child is on target, off target or over target (with off target colour-coded red, on target green etc.). We've created a formula column in sims am7 that does this but we can't for the life of us export this into the word report.

    The formula column doesn't seem to exist when we look to insert this in the mail merge and word doesn't do conditional formatting, so there was no way of doing it there either.

    How can we achieve this? Is it possible?


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    Hi Phil

    Just clutching at straws here ..... is the column a "formula entry" column and if so, it must have an aspect (I think!) attatched to it. If not, perhaps try adding one with an aspect and try exporting that into the word report. You can always make this column "read only".


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    +1 to rh19uk's comment: you must create the columns as "Data Entry with Formula" and then you can choose an aspect and result set to link them to as with any other data entry columns. And making it read only will only prevent manual editing; SIMS will still store the result in the column.

    As a bonus, since the Summer 10 upgrade, SIMS stores the colour of the cell now so that it can be included in your report: just remember to tick "Print report with colour" in individual reports, and make sure there is only one result per cell that needs colouring (they have to be in a table for colouring to work as it shades the cell's background).

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    As the guys above, however there was a way to do conditional formatting in word. There was a thread on supportnet recently with similar requirement but I couldn't remember how it's done but I saw the technique on the supportnet forum some time ago. Basically using an IF field code.

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