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MIS Systems Thread, Local Authority Hosted SIMS in Technical; Hi I am not a technician, merely a Training & Support Officer - could someone explain to me the benefits ...
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    Local Authority Hosted SIMS

    I am not a technician, merely a Training & Support Officer - could someone explain to me the benefits to a LA Training and Support Tem (if any) of our ICT Service centrally hosting SIMS. Cheers

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    The main reasons to do this as an LA are to reap the advantages of the economies of scale and ensure the security of the data.

    The benefits to the LA as follows:

    Control over when and how upgrades and patches are applied,
    Ability to optimise hardware as appropriate
    Certainty over the backup arrangements,
    Possible to set up increased availability to school staff from home,
    Ability to charge extra for this service.

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    Hi Thomazz
    Benefits to Training and Support Teams of LA hosted SIMS are

    Non SIMS server RDP access to SIMS data for school support

    Knowledge of installed versions/patches/system status

    Training/Workshops can be conducted on live data (not advisable for many training scenarions but great for timetable workshops, etc)

    Training datasetsd can be hosted in the central environment, this allows you to train on any machine(s) that can access your centralised SIMS and potentially frees you from existing training room setups - onsite training, etc

    Restore of centrally hosted training datasets can be automated at end of courses

    Minimun spec of training machines is only restricted to your min spec for central hosted SIMS access rather than min spec for full SIMS client

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