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MIS Systems Thread, Server Config in Technical; I need to spec and purchase a new server for SIMS but as I have never done so in the ...
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    Server Config

    I need to spec and purchase a new server for SIMS but as I have never done so in the past I am being extremely careful. Even more so now I know that SIMS won't run on Server 2008 R2!

    Anyhoo, the LEA recommend 3 hard drives in a RAID 5 config but I am tempted to go for 2 mirrored drives for the OS, etc. and 3 hard drives in a RAID 5 for the data. This is what I would do for Exchange as it is akin to a SQL database so to me it seems logical.

    Can someone please let me know if my reasoning is sound?

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    Raid-1 for OS and Raid-5 for data is a good sound idea.

    Splitting the mdf\ldf up at the moment isn't a good idea, might be supported by spring. I still question the real beniefts if your database is in simple mode.

    Make sure you get the raid cache memory, get a fast CPU, don't worry about more processors\core. SIMS will generally not use more then 4.

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