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MIS Systems Thread, Re: SIMS MIS reporting error in Technical; When running an Individual Candidate Report in Exams Organiser I get the following message when selecting Print. " accessviolation@address 0013204 ...
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    Re: SIMS MIS reporting error

    When running an Individual Candidate Report in Exams Organiser I get the following message when selecting Print. " accessviolation@address 0013204 in module examsw.exe. readofaddress 5bf44587" This seems to be an intermittent problem so I suspect the data is OK. Is this user rights or system setup maybe?

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    Could try as administrator. Make sure you log it with Capita so they (should) create a KB for future ref.

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    Just for general info:

    We recently has this same issue - when trying to run reports in the examinations module some machines received this error message. There is a KB from Capita, which just says to reinstall the .NET Framework on the machine...which did nothing. It wasn't a permissions error as it worked fine on some machines but not on others when logged in with the same user account. All in all we were pretty stumped.

    It turns out the answer was slightly random: we use group policy preferences to apply our printer settings on the network machines, and we've found (though we still don't quite understand why) that if a user changes their default printer (even if it's to another network printer, or to something completely virtual like the Microsoft XPS Document Writer) it then allows the reports to run correctly. They can also change it straight back to the original printer if they want and it still works afterwards. You don't have to close SIMS (or the exams module) down either. The only requirement is that your users have permission to change their default printer.

    If we come up with a solution to stop it occurring in the first place then I'll post an update. Otherwise if anyone else comes accross this error, just see if this works for you too.

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    timlineuk (28th January 2013)

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    Great, thank you for posting this CalM!
    Had exactly the same issue, in this case the default printer had a fault - just changed it over and all is well again!

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