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MIS Systems Thread, SQL 2008 upgrade in Technical; Hi Just wondered what route people had found most effective for purchasing their sql 2008 license? We've got ms schools ...
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    SQL 2008 upgrade


    Just wondered what route people had found most effective for purchasing their sql 2008 license? We've got ms schools agreement, or can outright on the server + cals route or the per processor route.

    I'm going to virtualise our sims server so figured it might be an opportune moment to have sql 2008 waiting on the new server rather than upgrade then p2v convert it. Being a bit new to vmware, if I only give the virtual server 1 processor, will it 'stunt' it's performance in any way? i'm just thinking this is cheaper to license!


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    In terms of the second part of your post, that makes sense. In terms of the licensing i believe you would licence the physical processor. If you have a quad core processor as we do, then i believe you can assign up to 4 virtual processors to the VM. There was another thread all about the licensing and how it works on VM, so do a search as it had quite a few links to external resources too.

    For the first part it would depend on how many users you have, and how many concurrent connections you'll want, most people especially secondary schools find it's easier and cheaper to just go for a per proc' license.

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