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MIS Systems Thread, Future tutor groups in Technical; I am attempting to get a list of reg groups out of SIMS.net, with the effective date being next term. ...
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    Future tutor groups

    I am attempting to get a list of reg groups out of SIMS.net, with the effective date being next term.

    I am using the Staff focus, with all staff, and have selected the staff member's ID number, and then added the Groups with sub items of 'Reg Group' and 'ID'.

    No matter what I do, I always end up with last term's groups (and, a huge list of blank items).

    Any hints as to whether or not I'm actually ever going to be able to do this? Or is it a case of 'wait until the new year roll-over'?

    Peaking in the DB (yes, I know, bad, but all i'm doing is looking), I can see the data exists as it should in the group table but when I look at the group view (which I am assuming is where SIMS.net actually gets its data), it doesn't appear.


    (Note: I can get the data I want, but the way to do it is a cludge and I don't like doing it this way - I want a simple report which can be ran, exported into XML and then imported into my app).
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    There is a standard report that delivers this data. I am not in work this week so cannot point you in the exact direction but try looking at the standard reports in the Group Focus. You may have to copy and re-save with the choice of an effective date.
    I cannot remember whether there is the option to change this date in the standard report.

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    If you don't want the standard report, then based on the route you are taking, you most likely need to use the group membership date field if there is one. The effective date will only affect the first focus. The blanks will be either because duplicates are suppressed and / or the data you are requesting is doing a cross-product instead of bringing back unique results.

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    It may also be worth chaning your academic year to next year within SIMS.

    I think this is under Tools | Academic Management (I think) | Set Academic year.

    Just an idea.
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