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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS & Student access in Technical; Following on from the above, you could export the reports once all grade data is in, and then use a ...
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    Following on from the above, you could export the reports once all grade data is in, and then use a script to copy them to the users' area so they can access them. I don't see how giving them access to their grades online is different to the report you produce, if you make the report available to them. Is there a large time gap between the entry of grades and the resultant issuing of report?

    We don't have much of a gap and the time is used to proof read any written part of the report and for HoDs to make sure the grading is okay.

    If you do go down the SLG route, page 21 of SupportNet resource #13851 describes the webpart that will allow access to assessment data.

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    Assessment display works well, it's just not fantastically pretty and you need to look at your resultset names and grade descriptions carefully

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    Does anyone have any ideas about Syncing Sharepoint and SIMS?

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    The best option for us was Tasc's INSIGHT, Cheaper than all most others ands really simple to use and intergates with Active Directory

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    Quote Originally Posted by LosOjos View Post
    Sorry tmcd35, I weren't trying to say you were wrong, I just find "Learning Gateway" deceiving, it seems to imply a stand alone product, when in fact it's not, you need a VLE in place to host it
    To use the words Learning Gateway is deceiving, although I do not think Capita did it on purpose. SLG has no learning element ie SLK or moodle, it is merely a webbased cut down version of sims to give staff, students and families a view of data. It allows some writeback. I have just returned to education from a contract in the NHS working with a BI company. They certainly have the webparts, interaction for their data that schools could only marvel at. Mind you it was sharepoint 2010 connected to a OLAP cubes and sql

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