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MIS Systems Thread, Performance Management software in Technical; I've been handed a CD for performance Management in schools, its a piece of software called "EazyPM". I took a ...
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    Performance Management software

    I've been handed a CD for performance Management in schools, its a piece of software called "EazyPM". I took a look at the software and its a custom mysql database which doesn't look that professional and doesn't seem to integrate into any of our other systems.

    Are there any other pieces of software that can do this? Can it be done in Sims?
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    Zag we used the software a while back, my advice is steer clear as it creates problems all over the place (caused our server to crash a few times) etc.

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    SIMS doesn't do that as far as i know, but it depends what you want it to do.
    I've used grade analysis of a class / department as part of the performance analysis before for management, as well as for teachers when they have to do that presentation after x number of years before they can get on a higher pay scale.
    The grades the kids get is the best method of performance management i can see.
    Add in things like do they put lesson plans on sims (if you have the module) etc.

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    Ah ha someone else who's come across it!

    I was passed it and when I read it and saw it needed an SQL etc I said its a lot of work for an eval can we postpone its eval until after Sept when I've my new LAN in so I can do it its own VM etc. So its shelved for now but I will need to look at it.

    I think its outrageous that they need you to do all that work for the SLT to actually say no we don't like it! Why can't they do a demo version which doesn't need a full mysql or a simple web based eval of it / demo of it they can use without all that fuss. I would spend probably around 2hrs setting it up for the SLT to trial to say no we don't like it etc which is a complete waste of my time!

    I was thinking of contacting them and saying look at this and think about it etc

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    We use a Sharepoint list for recording PM data here, plus some additional code to automatically set permissions. Seems to have been relatively well received based on feedback.

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    We use schoolcentre.net for our School Development Plans and will be using it come September for our staff PM arrangements.

    It was relatively easy to setup, but not sure what its going to be like using it.

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