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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Permissions Structure in Technical; Hi Currently we canít setup usersí access level in System Manager which fulfils our requirement. We had some problem; somebody ...
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    SIMS Permissions Structure


    Currently we canít setup usersí access level in System Manager which fulfils our requirement. We had some problem; somebody accidentally changed the pupil name. We decided to lockdown the system so nobody can change pupil legal name except one person, but it is not working. I have log the case with capita and they told me it is not possible in current structure so they have created a change request I would like to request please vote for it.


    ďIf you create your own permissions group and select for users to have access to the "addresses panel" in student details and not the "basic details" panel. This will not work. As the system is interlinked you cannot have access to one of the areas and not the other. This should be changed so that you can set users to be able to modify studentís addresses and contact details, but not legal name details.Ē

    I have requested one other change in 2007 but that is still in waiting list and will be achieved in SM 7 and doesnít know when??


    I also found few others related to same kind of permission problems if you would like to vote for them.






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    i 'strongly agree' with you there
    especially that last one which looks urgent, and is still open for voting with no change to the status!

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    Won't bother, SysMan7 will be out soon. Make sure you get involved in the field trial when they start. It's after SOLUS3.

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