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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS - online registers across a router in Technical; Hi I've been asked by a school to set up SIMS so that online registers can be taken in classrooms. ...
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    SIMS - online registers across a router


    I've been asked by a school to set up SIMS so that online registers can be taken in classrooms. We currently have a router between the curriculum and admin subnets, with a third interface for Internet access. The router's packet filters only allow traffic to & from the Internet from either subnet, not between the subnets.

    I understand that I will need to create a trust between the admin and curriculum domains as a first step to allow staff to access SIMS in the classroom. I guess this will mean allowing Kerberos and DNS across the router as a minimum. I have no idea what additional traffic SIMS will require.

    Does anyone know what the minimum requirement will be for ports to open in order to get this working? Also, it would be good to be able to differentiate between client-server and server-server traffic.

    Thanks in advance

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    SIMS will make use of MSSQL ports. The way to find out which port it operates on is to look in the SQL server configuration tool on the SIMS server.

    Another option, which would reduce management time would be to set up a terminal server, and let them access SIMS on that. In Windows 2008 you can use application publishing, so the end user doesn't really notice that they're running it on the terminal server either.
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    So you currently don't have SIMS accessible in the classrooms?
    This might be a good time to look at a web based solution, to access SIMS. There are a number of flavours depending on your needs, which will work over port 80.
    Capita SLG, Pars, TeachersWebFolder . . .
    If the teachers aren't used to using SIMS, i'd be tempted to give them an easy interface from the get go, so there can be little room for negativity. :O)
    You could also flatten the network and remove the subnets which a lot of schools have done now.

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