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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Assessment Manager 7 in Technical; Once exported – You can open the xml file in notepad/xml editor of choice. Although I have a template for ...
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    Once exported –
    You can open the xml file in notepad/xml editor of choice.

    Although I have a template for each subject in each year they all follow essentially the same pattern.
    So I create a template template (one for each year) and open in notepad and do a find and replace.

    The templates reference the aspects/resultset etc using the external id (either run a .net report to list them all or one by one from the properties of the aspect/result set). You may also need to change column headings and you will need to ensure the template name and ID is unique.

    I have created an excel spreadsheet with a macro that automatically opens a file and does various finds and replaces (on support net go to file sharing resource 619). It did mean that last summer I could create 200 new templates in 3 days (manually it would of taken me 2-3 hours each)

    You should be able to create resultsets and aspects in the same way. I have tried a couple of times with aspects and failed. As compared to templates relatively few and quick to set up, I just do these in SIMS. Most of my resultsets were set up years ago and the odd new one is easily done in SIMS

    When editing the template I delete everything apart from the template node as finding and replacing the resultset/grade ids in the resultset/grade node can causes problems.

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    I've been playing around with the excel spreadsheet and macro that you've designed for generating templates.

    I'm quite sure it has the potential to save an enormous amount of time as I ran the macro against a small template and generated the code for one new template.

    If you dont mind, there are a couple of things Id like to clarify before I set out to generate templates for real. Some points are probably stating the obvious, but still worthwhile getting clarification I feel.

    I assume that I will need to add each New Template manually in SIMS first so that it will have an ExternalId that I can reference from rows 4 onwards

    When I paste the contents of OrigTemplate.txt into the OrigTemplate worksheet, the text overflows into adjacent cells and occupies 8 rows. Will this present a problem?

    The simple template that I used as The Original Template produced an .xml file with nodes relating to Results Sets, Grades and Aspects. In the New Templates, some of the Aspects used would be the same as those used in the Original Template whereas others would be specific to the New Templates. ie. Subject specific

    o Do I list each ColumnHeading and AspectExternalId that will change?

     Do I also replicate cells 1D 1E 2 D 2E across rows 1 & 2 for each of the aspects which are to be changed

     Do I simply list each Aspect that will change and allow the find and replace to do the rest or do I have to show each occurrence of the Aspect each of which will obviously have unique column headings.

    o Some Columns / Aspects involve formulae. Does the find and replace in the macro take care of this as well. e.g. If Im finding the value for EngGrade Aspect and replace those columns with MathsGrade, will the macro be clever enough to amend the formulae to use maths?

    Ive been trying to produce a report listing all of the Aspects used per Template. I seem unable to convince SIMS that I want to see every occurrence of where an Aspect is used.

    I assume that I need this information but only if I need to show each occurrence of where an Aspect is used.

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    You'll be fine on the formula bits - those always reference other columns by position, so changing the aspects will work fine!

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    I've uploaded a slightly newer version of the xls file I use.

    I create one template for each year group (here - Y7 art template, is the same as Y7 History etc apart from one has art aspect the other history).
    Export this template.
    Place the xls in folder along with a text document that contains the bit between and including <template>...</template> which is saved as OrigTemplate.txt. The folder also contain a blank text file called NewTemplate.txt - You can include the header text and opening of the template node ("<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><TemplateFileV7><Header /><TemplateNode>" - part of the new version of the xls closes the tempalte node)

    in the xls
    Line 1 - is for your own reference
    Line 2 - contains the name of the tag
    Line 3 - the orginal text contained in the tag in the exported template that will be replaced by
    Line 4 onwards - the text that will replace that in line 3.

    Each line form 4 onwards is one new template

    External IDs - no you can use sims to create a new one - I use HHS (intials of the school) followed by a number which I manually incerement up to ensure it is unquie.

    The orig tempalte worksheet is just a demo template - you need to save the text of the tempalte in a text file called OrigTemplate.txt in the same folder as the xls (sorry for the confusion)

    To create the origtemplate strip out all the other nodes. I create all the aspect/resultsets/gradeset etc in sims first. When you import the new templates back into SIMS you don't need the other nodes as the aspect/resultset/gradeset already exist. If you are transfering the tempaltes between installations of sims (i.e. the new school in sept) you will need to include all the nodes.

    The new xls file allows upto 33 columns to be changed and yes you need to list each aspect and column heading.

    The macro is a simple find and replace so changes all ocurrances in one go.

    Each column must have a unique heading and is independent of the aspect name - May be worth, when setting up the orig tempalte changing the column heading so they don't reference a subject so don't need changing for the new tempaltes.

    Formulas reference the column number (As MattMitchell said) - change the aspect in the column and the formula will continue to reference that column with the new aspect.

    I too have just tried to list all aspects used in a template and it doesn't want to do it(template focus - aspect sub report). Weirdly - if you focus the report on aspect with the tempalte sub report (filtered for the relevent template) it works!

    Hopefully that cleared up your queries, feel free to post again if it hasn't.
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    Hi all,

    just thought I'd post this in case it helps anyone.

    Dancer, your macro's saved me an absolute ton of time setting up a new SIMS database assessment manager from scratch, so thank you! If I could hit thanks a thousand times I would!

    While I was using it though, I noticed it was hard coded to take a template the exact size of the one you originally designed it for, and the macro needed a little rewrite to work with my templates.

    Attached is a modified version that checks the size of the template entered and builds the new templates to be the same size. Only a small modification but thought I'd share.


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