Why not use the ADP process to give you the information you need. i'm sure it's there somewhere.
We are planning to use ADP to actually create the final AD accounts as it now supports our userid scheme which is merely the admission number. So we wont have to consolidate.
If you need the accounts to be in a certain form and generated by county that's fine, but you can still use the ADP as a tool to get the info you need as it should run overnight ( or more frequently) and so will give you uptodate info as you require.
If you can't get it out of ADP via the management webpage then should be a SIMS ADP report that you can run, failing that can't you query the AD to see which accounts were created and where. if there's not a log, then a compare to previous day...?
It just seems like you've already got the info you need, you just need a way to tap into it.