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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS - Creating hte new year in Technical; Right, I know this is a bit basic but every year I forget and get confused... What dates do I ...
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    SIMS - Creating hte new year

    I know this is a bit basic but every year I forget and get confused...
    What dates do I need to put in when creating my accademic year? For example. The pupils come back on the 6th September however we have two training days on the 2/3 September. Looking at the EOY document it looks like I should create term starting on the 2nd then later define the the 2nd and 3rd as inset days. All pupils then have an admittance date of the 6th. Is that correct?

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    Check with timetabler, aggree the dates so they are used throughout.
    I am using 2.9 and I will be putting the first two days as INSET days in the school calendar.

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    What day does your previous academic year end? If it's the 31/08/2010 then your next academic year should start on 01/09/2010 and run until 31/08/2011. Whatever you do, don't leave any gaps inbetween academic years otherwise you'll end up promoting your students twice, once into the gap and then once again into the academic year.

    Put the start of term in and then put all of the days where students will not be attending down as either summer holiday or an inset day.

    Timetable wise, it doesn't really matter when you send the timetable from. I usually send the timetable from when the courses start in early September until the courses end (that's usually about halfway through July). As the end date selected here transfers across into Course Manager, getting it wrong initially can be a pain here as it has a few knock on effects when trying to do your Census.
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    The end date for the current academic year is usually 'calculated' by SIMS itself e.g. so many days after the start date. It's not until you create the following year that the end date is established. We advise all our schools to start the year on 1st September which in turn terminates the previous year on 31st August. Our Childrens Services Dept have stipulated that all Cheshire schools should use these dates so that students have a continous school history record particularly when moving between Junior and secondary schools.

    Just to add... for new students we then assign a date of admission of 1st September. The first day or so is usually an Inset day but one year we had to get all schools to manually add a holiday through the school diary so that the pupils attendance records were ok.
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    I've always been told it should be 1st September and then you pad out the non-school time with holidays. It usually works fine, a couple of times i've started the year back a bit at end of August as we started early but as it says above, the previous year is adjusted accordingly so no probs so far. It is possible for a year to be more than 365 days, like when we started on 26th august 2008 to 1st september 2009.

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