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MIS Systems Thread, Parental Engagement & Network Managers in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiqueABoo View Post
    People who think otherwise likely wouldn't have come into school for help, but it's a no-brainer really
    Point taken, but when it was around 75% of the year group whom parents turned up consdering the backgrounds i think it was pretty impressive.

    We also have the chance for them to provide feedback on the parents site on the LP aswell as prizes that we give away for all whom contribute to the feedback. i think the last one was £50.

    Ok the other 25% that didn't turn up may not of cared, but they could of been busy or could not get onsite and therefore had email address, direct phone numbers and voicemail boxes if they should need to contact for help.


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    Post Parental Access and Engagement

    A report commissioned by Becta in 2009 found that 82% of parents are left 'in the dark' when it comes to their child's schooling.

    As a software specialist working in the education sector my organisation has addressed the subject of parental engagement by developing a management information systems (MIS) which focuses on putting the learner at the heart of the system, facilitating personalised learning in a positive engaging way.

    One of the main benefits of online access is for parents to view information on their child’s work and progress. The school can contact parents through the inbuilt email facility or send text or voice alerts to parents’ mobile or landline phones.

    At home, parents can be better informed about their child's education and participate in the learning process through access to performance data, school activities and homework, whilst their child can login to remotely engage in lessons and complete and return assignments electronically.

    In summary, pupils and parents can…

    • Support learning by access to personal learning plans and schemes of work.
    • View timetables.
    • Use attendance and performance records to boost motivation.
    • Receive and send homework, assessments and relevant comments.
    • Communicate with school regarding academic and non-academic issues.
    • Remotely access the system to aid learning anytime-anywhere.

    I hope this has given some insight into some of the ways technology can help enable parents to get closer to and support their child’s learning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiqueABoo View Post
    It's still worthwhile, but will throwing tech there actually add much more than a potentially huge reduction in photocopier expenses and a solution to the "but the note about X wasn't in their bleepin reading folder!" problems?
    Even if all it does is achieve those two things, that sounds like a result to me (assuming it is reasonably hassle-free, anyway).

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