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MIS Systems Thread, CMIS back to SIMS...anyone done this ? in Technical; JPS I don't think you are reading the original posting correctly. Feebs if you need help in this task we ...
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    JPS I don't think you are reading the original posting correctly. Feebs if you need help in this task we have experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPS View Post
    Apologies, but I just speak my mind. I appreciate it is only my opinion. Facility is able to create a CTF for another application without any leaving date specified.
    The whole point is that they DID input a leaving date!

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    Hi everyone,

    Lets not turn this into a software bashing fest on anyones part, there's just no need for it. They did input a leaving date, there was an alternative way of doing it that they were unaware of. So let's concetrate on getting them sorted out, so keep to constructive input please.
    Thanks to everyones input so far, but Feebs sorry to hear you're leaving us, and i hope you get some more constructive advice from people with SIMS experience, else leave it in Phil's capable hands.

    Technical Engineer

  4. Thanks to michael2k6 from:

    vikpaw (25th May 2010)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilNeal View Post
    We do offer a chargable service (it is not automated) that will take over a lot more than the CTF data.
    Since the data has gone over, and is basically what they want, aside from the incorrect dates, there must be a fairly easy way to bulk change the start dates.
    Naturally it's an extra service, that would no doubt be chargeable (maybe discounted as a welcome gift / goodwill .. . ?), but at least will fix the problem.

    I guess CMIS and the data is still available...? so you can export all the original data needed, and then map it to the students now held in SIMS, by admission number..?
    I'm sure they can write a patch for you to modify the database. I imagine the school history and start dates are in separate tables in the SQL that just need editing in bulk via a Capita approved script...

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    Changing MIS

    Quote Originally Posted by vikpaw View Post
    i'm actually interested in the process a school goes through that leads to such a major change, is it function driven, senior management, teachers. how long an eval process goes on...

    Our change (now 4 years ago, and we haven't looked back) was driven by five things:

    1. Dreadful customer service from the company concerned (I won't name them as it was some time ago and things may well have changed a lot)
    2. The promise of excellent service from the new company, which has certainly been delivered.
    3. The demand to demystify and - if you like - to democratise access to the data, so that all staff could get what they wanted quickly and intuitively, and to make the support of the MIS much less technical. This, too has worked out really well.
    4. The offer of increased functionality in response to our requests, flexibility, customisation and so on. There is now so much in the system that we wouldn't even have thought of four years ago.
    5. Evidence that the MIS would run much, much faster than the old one.

    We also needed a sixth:

    6. A promise (also fulfilled) that the migration would work without huge hassle.

    Our biggest frustration now is that we can only roll out the next wonderful bits of functionality at the pace we can comfortably carry the staff - but we have set up one new function this week and there'll be more soon!

    The decision was developed by the academic management team before going to senior management with a firm proposal.

    (and if you were wondering - SchoolBase)

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    If you re-imported CTFs with different leaving dates would they change in SIMS?

    If so, lemme know - I'd probably knock you up something to transform the ctfs as a freebie...

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