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MIS Systems Thread, Changing from Sleuth to SIMS for behaviour monitoring in Technical; Good Morning all, We are currently using Sleuth for our behaviour monitoring but are considering using the sims behaviour module. ...
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    Changing from Sleuth to SIMS for behaviour monitoring

    Good Morning all,

    We are currently using Sleuth for our behaviour monitoring but are considering using the sims behaviour module. This is partly due to the fact that we already have SIMS behaviour module so we'd save money not having to pay out for sleuth. Also it looks a lot better than sleuth and we could let parents see their students behaviour records via sims learning gateway.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of either system?

    I assume that you can't move old data from sleuth into sims but does anyone know if I can access old sleuth data once the licence runs out or is it a nasty trick from sleuth to not allow access to old data unless you renew the licence?

    Also, I'm going to have to train the staff up on sims behaviour module, does anyone have any good training resources that they could send to me please?

    Any help and advice much appreciated.


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    We've been switching from sleuth to sims - may be able to give you some comments next week after the dust has settled from a hectic term!

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    SIMS is good, but has some flaws e.g. all staff can see all behaviour incidents thus could accidentally edit or delete them. Good behaviour is recorded separately to Bad behaviour, depending on what you do with your behaviour i.e. have a points system, house system, reward shop etc. will affect how you use SIMS, and how to train staff.

    If you don't use Lesson Monitor, behaviour recording in SIMS will be painful.
    The good thing is the link to student records, attaching of notes/letters and the alert features to the homepage.

    I would think carefully about what you want, and your current workflow then check SIMS can duplicate. e.g. do you want to message certain people after an incident is logged.

    Sleuth should give you access to your data in a reasonable format, even if it's a one off export. They can't lock you out and tie you to them. What reports can you do? I've forgotten what it's capable of.

    An import isn't really possible, at least not at user level, but if you can get the data out in the correct format with admission numbers, no doubt you can pay Capita to import the data for you. Will no doubt be costly!

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