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MIS Systems Thread, Restore Capita UnitE database backup in Technical; I may need to restore our Capita Unit-E database to a backup from Monday night plus a transaction log taken ...
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    Restore Capita UnitE database backup

    I may need to restore our Capita Unit-E database to a backup from Monday night plus a transaction log taken from a point on Tuesday afternoon, I know most people here won't have experience with Unit-E but it is a Capita product so may be similar to SIMS restore?

    My thoughts are it is just a standard Microsoft SQL 2005 database so I just kick everyone off, use SQL Management Studio to restore the backup plus relevant transaction log file then let people back in? It is the same instance etc so there should be no issues relating to security permissions etc?


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    Hi, not heard of Unit E, but i would imagine an SQL restore should (!) be the same whatever the system.

    Firstly, i take it you've logged this with Capita, and they are going to get back to you at some point, especially since it's a FHE product that we don't discuss much here.

    N.B. Phil Neal said in a previous thread regarding Unit-E:
    Unit-E & SIMS are aimed at two different markets and have completely different code bases.
    How do you take the backups? Is there a special app'? or do you just use a maintenance plan from Management Studio?

    If there's a special app' maybe that has a restore function built-in that does something extra, otherwise, a simple restore should be okay.

    I would take another full backup before you play around with anything AND strongly advise testing on a virtual test set up which is easy enough to set up. I frequently restore my SIMs system to a virtual setup for testing out things with my latest data without risk.

    Good luck.
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