Hi all,

bit of a strange problem, it's been passed to our local support team but I'm curious as to whether anybody else has experienced this.

Occasionally when a CTF comes in, it'll create a duplicate of a student we already have on roll (this is very rare, but does happen!). When this happens, I copy over any details we're missing to the existing student entry, then delete the new, duplicated student (via "Routines > Student > Delete Student").

However, I realised today that whenever I try this, Sims crashes, and not just for me, but for everybody in school. Working with our network manager, we replicated the crash (first try) and noticed that the SQL Server's memory usage was continually growing while Sims said it was deleting the student, until eventually it crashed.

Has anybody else had this problem?

Also, in case it's worth mentioning, the student is still there with all details intact when you log back in to Sims.