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MIS Systems Thread, Local NFTS filesystem permissions for Nova-T4 in Technical; Hello all. Just bought three and re-installed several other machines for our Admin office (all XP Pro). I was just ...
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    Local NFTS filesystem permissions for Nova-T4

    Hello all.

    Just bought three and re-installed several other machines for our Admin office (all XP Pro).

    I was just wondering, on the off-chance, if anyone out there in that big wide world, knows what *bleeping* permissions are needed to run Nova-T4 properly. Running simsperm.bat has no effect (didn't think it would but hoped).

    I am advised by our local support folks, that users needing Nova-T4 should be local adminstrators on the machine. Apparently this is 'The Way'.

    I really don't like this idea.

    Do I have to put up with this poor practice to make this top quality software function properly?

    Solutions gratefully received.

    Ta ta.

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    lots of people do just that.
    you could try giving full control to the sims folders, c:/sim and the the one in program files, also windows temp folder - that might work.
    what are you using T4 for? reporting i guess? it's defunct for all else really.

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    You could possibly add a dummy account in ADUC ( standard staff / admin account ) then temporarily add that user to the local admin group on one computer and use process monitor to see what nova accesses using process monitor

    Process Monitor

    Then give the relevant items full control for that user ( whether it be the registry, a directory or whatever ) then remove the user from local admin and try again, if it errors then would a power user account be sufficient enough ?

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