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MIS Systems Thread, Adding a Curriculum networked PC to a SIMS Network in Technical; When we introduced Electronic Registration here I setup a trust between the two domains. Teachers get a 'hidden' mapping to ...
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    When we introduced Electronic Registration here I setup a trust between the two domains. Teachers get a 'hidden' mapping to the S: drive which enables SIMS to launch.

    Have moved all the users of the Admin Domain now, setup a seperate OU structure with Loop Back for all the Admin Machines so they behave differently regardless of your login.

    Plan is to flatten the Domain eventually, may do it over the Summer break when we need to go to SQL2008 which will involve me getting a Capita engineer in for the day to assist in ensuring all goes well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by p858snake View Post
    Are you sure you really want to do this? from my understanding by reading threads on here that they are commonly separate for security and that some LEAs/Districts have policys saying that SIMs and other school admin data can't be on the pupil network so you might want to check that as well.
    Acording to Becta guidance combining the two networks / crossing over is OK. At least thats what our LEA says

    - Stuart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oops_my_bad View Post
    Imagine the millions of pounds that would be saved in consolidation if schools would move on from this seperate networks nonsense which predates the 90's

    Take our overpaid LEA consultants with very little knowledge in what they deal with - on one hand they're telling schools to get "SIMS into the classroom" but under no circumstances should they put "admin" machines into classrooms or at any point join these networks to facilitate the overall objective.

    Just how do they expect school to go about this?

    We collapsed our network a few years ago - you are only paid to run one network afterall
    I work at an LA and agree to some extent on the overpaid consultants remark, however as far as joining the two domains is concerned a trust relationship between the two should work.

    Personally I'd prefer a single domain properly managed.

    The rest of us get peanuts by the way.

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