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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Only updates when logged in as Admin in Technical; You can run simsperms.bat at startup via gpo. In a new gpo, put subinacl.exe and the bat as a startup ...
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    You can run simsperms.bat at startup via gpo.

    In a new gpo,
    put subinacl.exe and the bat as a startup script. (Copy both into the gpo folder).
    Copy the path to the folder,
    paste in front all lines beginning with subinacl in the batch script.


    set script parameters as domain\simsusergroup ( group or user)

    then test

    I hear the new version of sims will run solus as a service so no more update issues!


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    Quote Originally Posted by box_l View Post
    I hear the new version of sims will run solus as a service so no more update issues!

    You're thinking of SOLUS3, which is part of the Autumn infrastructure, along with the SQL 2008 bits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apeo View Post
    Yeah , its also the reason why i wrote a vbscript to check what version of SIMSApps is on the client and compare that with the setup. If setup is higher version, then install away .

    The script also updates an access database to show which computers may have missed the install so i can check them out/reboot them.

    It seems to work better then bat scripts i use to have.
    I wrote an app in vb that would check the local apps version locally and on server to see if an update was necessary. It would then prompt the user to see if they wanted to continue and run the upgrade. The idea being that if they were on laptop running wirelessly and had forgotten to update SIMS they had the option to back out or plug into the wired network.

    There's no monitoring built in, but it works in any location that uses S as it's mapped drive. I did have another one where you could specify the mapped drive at runtime for testing at other locations. It's all a bit defunct now as SOLUS cubed is the panacea we've been waiting for. Hoorah!

    Quote Originally Posted by ittech View Post
    Its been like this for years, never found a solution other than adding the admin staff to the power users group.

    I run simsperm on every computer when we install sims and it doesnt seem to make a difference at all.

    Hopefully Solus 3 will fix all these issues though.
    We were always told by our LA SIMS support (which was later taken over by Capita) that you needed to give the users Power User rights on the machine, and Full Control over the local C drive. simsperm was never mentioned. As per some of the above posts though, you can be more selective than just giving Full Control over the C drive but if it's only for Staff, we just think what the hell and do it anyway.

    There are so many things that Teachers are always wanting to do, we just give them a little bit of leeway, if they screw up and break the PC we just reimage. It doesn't happen often, even with the power to do stuff, they still ring up and want you to install the new floppy disk based bit of 1990's proprietary software!

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    Use GPO

    Have you tried using the computer GPO security settings. Look at, "computer, security, file stsyem" add object, then select the sims folder on C: & select the security permissions you want users to have on that folder.

    This worked for me.

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