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MIS Systems Thread, Changing SIMs Server in Technical; Hi guys. Now, wondered how easy this is/what is required to do this... Anyway, we have the sims server currently ...
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    Changing SIMs Server

    Hi guys.

    Now, wondered how easy this is/what is required to do this...

    Anyway, we have the sims server currently setup and running ok, but was looking to move the install of sims from that server to a faster better server (in the hope of speeding it up slightly).

    Anyway, I've had no problems whatsoever installing sims on to other workstations, and installing the fms on to the other workstations, but actually changing the server, I have not had any experience of. So, would it be a case of a fairly easy move (i.e. just saving the old server files as a backup, take up backups of the sql databases, install sims & fms etc, install sql server etc)? But I'm not sure of what other files are required?!

    We have no actual cds or anything, but have the installation files stored on the sims server...

    Anyway, is this best off just leaving as is, or would we be ok to move the sims server (with obviously a bit of input as to what to install )


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    If it's working fine and everyone is happy I would leave it.

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    If you havent moved to SQL 2008 I would do the server move at the same time.

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    been there, done that got the t-shirt.

    When I did it there's a SupportNet KB article that details all the steps to go through. If your sitting down... It was straight forward and easy. The only mistakle I made is that there is a box to tick on the SQL server setup to allow mixed authentication (windows and SQL) that I forgot to tick. Sorted with the management studio though.

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    It should be a relatively straightforward affair - roughly as follows but get the KB as stated:

    As Mcshammer_dj said it would be worthwhile moving to SQL 08 at the same time

    Schedule a days downtime - ie No SIMS and FMS that day.

    You'll need to backup the SIMS & FMS Databases (Use DBAttach) as well as the Document Server (Copy all the AA, AB, Ac folders) before you begin. Remember to stop the document server before you back it up.

    Move the backups to a known location on the new Server.

    Next copy everything in your shared directory that holds the network SIMS folder to the new Server (give the shared folder on the new server the same name as on the old one and the same NTFS permissions).

    Now down the old Server whilst work begins on setting up the new one. (At this point the old Server still works so should you run into problems you can bring it back up).

    Rename the new Server so it has the same name as the original SIMS Server.


    Map a network drive to the SIMS shared directory using the normal drive letter.

    If you require a full version of SQL Server install it now. Otherwise use the express edition wrapped up in the SIMS Install files.

    Install the relevant .net frameworks.

    Run SIMSInst.exe from the *:\SIMS\Setups folder

    Elect to install Workstation, SQL Server (unless you already installed full SQL), and Document Server

    Attach the SIMS and FMS Databases.

    Wait for the Installation to finish.


    Now login to sims and head to the Tools | Setups area to test the connection to the document server.

    Import Standard Reports.

    Close SIMS.

    Stop Document Server Service.

    Copy the backup you took of the document server folders (AA, AB, Ac etc) straight over the newly created ones.

    Start the document Server.

    Log back into SIMS and test a report which was not a predefined one.

    Log into FMS.

    Once the new one is up and working set up a couple of new clients and test it on your existing client machines.

    Then you can bring the old one back to life and switch off the services and rename it.

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