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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Database Diagnostics/Validate memberships in Technical; Hi there, I've recently had a few crashes in SIMS and the support net help for the error was try ...
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    SIMS Database Diagnostics/Validate memberships

    Hi there,
    I've recently had a few crashes in SIMS and the support net help for the error was try running the DB diagnostics/Validate memberships and if the problem persists then contact support.

    Whilst I have no problem with this technically I can't remember if it requires everyone to be out of SIMS or if it's just prefereable. I also think that you can use SIMS whilst it's running but it slows it down massively.

    Does anyone know? And roughly how long it takes. I think all the info is there when you run the routine, I'd like to know before i get to that stage.

    It's just a case of when I do it and whether i need to warn people it might be slow or to bully them out of SIMS whilst I run it.

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    Both can be slow but can be run whilst people are in the system. It's preferable if they aren't since they may be making changes that are being checked for by the routines.

    I quite often run Update Course Memberships during the day and follow it with Validate Memberships. The second can freeze your machine as well as slow SIMS down for others somewhat. It really depends on your server / network.

    It will probably only take 10 minutes if that. However, i do recall something about the first run taking a long time and then subsequent runs being intelligent based on the first and thus quicker. There were also some problems with hanging, so to be safe i would run it after the end of school and warn people in advance. No need to bully them off but at least if you warned them then when they complain you can at least say 'i told you so'
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