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MIS Systems Thread, sims classes missing for students in Technical; Hi My attendance officer has called up a little distressed that there appears to be no lesson marks for the ...
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    sims classes missing for students


    My attendance officer has called up a little distressed that there appears to be no lesson marks for the students from tomorrow....

    Sure enough she's right- after today no students have any classes. Teachers have them and registration is fine, but if you go into them in say "take register" you get no students in classes. They don't show up in nova either. Everything is fine before February 3rd!

    They still exist in the system and all other data is fine.

    Not the complete end of the world, but it does mean that the sims admin person is going to have to go through each student and extend their timetable by hand. Not really a fun job.

    Is there anyway we can export this data from an old snapshot I have of the machine or an old DB backup? I can't see anything obvious in sims but thought I'd ask before she goes through each one by hand.

    I could restore the entire database back to yesterday but as it only affects the timetable data I'm loathed to do this as everyone else would have to re-enter everything from today and that's probably a more complicated task.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.


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    Im not a timetabler but it sounds like the Memberships have been messed with. I would contact your timetabler to resolve it. If you go into Focus>School>Academic Assignment by Scheme and check to see if there are members after today. If none of the kids have been assigned then that sounds like alot of work to put it right.

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    If the pupils are still assigned to the Groups in Course Manager after this date then it looks like the Timetable has not been sent with appropriate Start/End dates. This would be just one error that has caused loss of all class memberships. Had it been in Course Management then the same error would have had to be repeated in all Courses to have the same effect. The Timetable may need re-sending from NT6 with new start dates and end dates. You could do this with the most recent dataset if you know which that is (it should load automatically if you select that option!).
    The correct way to edit the Timetable, however, is via a new Maintenance Data Set. But you will have to create this from a date that has the correct version of the timetable in SQL (say the day before the problem first occurs). You can always edit the start date (forwards) of the new Timetable Maintenance Dataset before it is re-sent to SQL from NT6.
    It may also be that the Timetable needs to be re-applied after this (obviously from the new Start date).
    One word of warning - re-applying the Timetable will probably wipe out any Attendance/Absence Marks already input into SIMS for dates after the new Timetable start date - as will any Cover arrangements already in place for after the new start date!

    Back Up before attempting any of this!

    If the pupils don't have Memberships after 3rd February and the Timetable dates are correct then each course can be edited by scheme - not each pupil individually. They just need extending from the 2nd to the end (I assume) of the year.
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