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    Capita Rip-Off – Not Happy

    I’m utterly disgusted the way that our school are being treated regarding a downgrade in support service; since September 2009 our school has queried the pro’s and con’s of downgrading and even going to single site status; at every point we have been met with difficulty in obtaining accurate information from the same source.

    We eventually got our single site costing and a continuation contract to sign both in January 2010.
    We had to re-request the contract for a downgraded service as they sent out the wrong information and they want to charge us £150 to downgrade. (Even though our original request was more than 90 days before renewal).

    When querying the £150 administration cost, I was told in no uncertain terms that they are rolling contracts so we will charge you !(even through we pay annually like most schools). The way we see it; our existing support contract comes to an end, we will renew at a lower level, and they want to charge us; its like taxing your car for the year and then being forced to pay to SORN it even though you’ll re-tax it the next day.

    There is no doubt an administration process has to take place, but £150!!!! That’s a chunk of training!! Talk about a rip-off!! If we’re going to be charged stupid money and treated like this we might as well seek our support from a local authority (not bought out by Capita), and not buy any services like parents gateway, dinner money that we hoped to introduce early this year because you’ll probably want to rip us off there too; think again CAPITA; treat your customers with a lack of respect and we’ll find other if not better solutions for our needs.
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