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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS SQL users problem in Technical; Hello, I have a weird problem with our SQL 2008 server that hosts SIMS (it was SQL 2005 before, but ...
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    SIMS SQL users problem

    Hello, I have a weird problem with our SQL 2008 server that hosts SIMS (it was SQL 2005 before, but we migrated it to try and solve this problem, it didn't)

    We had Capita remote-in to install hosted SIMS Learning Gateway. They ran a tool to create a new user in SIMS to allow ADP to work. However, after creating it, we couldn't login. We went into SQL Management Studio to try and change the password, but when we tried to get into the properties for the newly created account we got this message:

    Cannot show requested dialog. (SqlMgmt)
    Property IsLocked is not available for Login '[CGSadp.client]'. This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights.  (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)
    This was connecting logged on as administrator with a trusted connection. If we tried to login as sa, we got this:
    Login failed for user 'sa'. (Microsoft SQL Error: 18456)
    If we tried to go into properties for sa, it gave the same message as above.


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    Weird is right!

    Have you had a look through the event log? In particular you should be able to get some extra info about the login error there:

    For the login failure message, have a look here and see if it helps:

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