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MIS Systems Thread, Datapoint Education in Technical; Originally Posted by JoshJohnson One other thing that puzzles me is that my contact has obviously read this thread as ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshJohnson View Post
    One other thing that puzzles me is that my contact has obviously read this thread as it was quoted in the email canceling our meeting, why didn't he sign up and make things clearer for us all rather than just canceling on me?
    Given how easily they spook you probably dodged a bullet, imagine tring to get support off them if an innocent question is enough for them to break off contact.

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    oh well. back to Capita then!

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    Hello All

    Does anyone know any more about this company, or have any experience with this company.

    we have been approched by this company.

    Many Thanks
    comments appreciated.

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    I'm never convinced about anything that makes it "easy to produce reports without the data manager having to do it." How do they know what data's stored where? How is it structured? What does xyz aspect contain, never mind resultsets... It's a good sales pitch, but often a bit unrealistic.

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