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MIS Systems Thread, Solus 3 in Technical; Anyone using it yet? I just downloaded it by clicking "look for infrastructure updates" in solus 2 but have no ...
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    Solus 3

    Anyone using it yet?

    I just downloaded it by clicking "look for infrastructure updates" in solus 2 but have no idea what I'm doing

    Why are they changing it? Solus 2 seems to work great so far.

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    Search Solus 3 on here.

    Updates are a lot more automated and can be scheduled and pushed out etc automatically at convenient times, I belive.

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    That's Phase 2, which we're still waiting on, this is just a, basically a patch, what it does:

    · The checking of the Agent status now reports in real time rather than waiting for all agents status to feedback. This is particularly useful for schools with computers which frequently go offline.
    · Improved error handling when reporting on network exceptions.
    I've yet to give a go, damm (workforce) census!! but it looks like a step forward. Also I've heard they're going to start packaging as msi (I suppose to keep everyone happy, plus it's a step forward to becoming “Compatible with Windows 7”), still yet to have it confirmed

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    As others have stated, it allows you to automate the process more. To be honest though I am very sceptical just how well it will work. Sims upgrades are rarely smooth when I download and apply updates manually, but we shall see...

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