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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Autumn update stuck in Technical; Hi, I have run the Autumn release and it has stuck at Executing SQL Batch 3491. Does anyone now if ...
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    Sims Autumn update stuck


    I have run the Autumn release and it has stuck at Executing SQL Batch 3491. Does anyone now if I can stop the upgrade as it is not resoding and just start again? I really need this working for tomorrow as the school need to get the exam results.

    Any help would be great

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    The GUI not refreshing during the batch scripts is not uncommon, Go get a coffee and give it time to start responding.

    If it's still really not working (check process list to get an idea of load and look at the current sql activity if you have SQL Managment Studio available)........

    I'd stop the update, restore the sql database from backup and then re-run the update from SOLUS / the CD. Assuming the previous parts went ok, it should jump straight to the sql updates. If all goes well, test everything before you go home - it's an arse this time of night, but it's much less painful than encountering problems and frantic staff at 8am.

    Capita would recommend restoring the whole server from backup, or at least all the SIMS-related parts. That's your call.

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    Did it start to respond eventually, it usually does.

    If it did fail I'd go with what Pete said - once you've restored the DB I'd grab the iso image of the upgrade CD and run it that way rather than downloading through SOLUS.

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