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The point I was trying to make was how difficult it is to get any information about these systems without going direct to the companies. No demos/free trials or prices readily available. You have to go to the comany and then get hassled by sales people.
I don't know why it had to descend into a pointless discussion about the analogies I had used.
Vikpaw had the right idea and provided constrctive comments. Perhaps those on the list who know these systems could take the advice.
For something as important as an MIS system, you really need to ask potential suppliers to provide you with multiple reference sites where you can talk to real people who are using the products/services. Let's face it, for every favourable review you get of a consumer product on the www you will find one or more which is critical.....

Also bear in mind most publications rely upon advertising revenue so unfavourable reviews of products might just cost the publisher revenue..... so how impartial are they going to be anyway?